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Visit our health and wellness spa in Nacogdoches, TX

If you’re an athlete who wants to jump-start your recovery process or you’re looking for a pain management solution, visit East Texas Cryo Health Spa today. We’re a health and wellness spa in Nacogdoches, TX that offers cryotherapy, compression therapy and oxygen therapy for athletes and those suffering from disease or injury.

Both of our owners were born and bred in East Texas. As a locally owned and operated health and wellness spa with strong ties to the community, you can trust that we’re committed to helping you find a pain management treatment that gives you results. If you’re ready to improve your health and wellness, get in touch with us today to schedule your cryotherapy appointment.

Experience relief from a variety of ailments

Ditch the pain of an ice bath and try cryotherapy. In just three minutes, you can relieve sore muscles, improve your circulation and boost your metabolism. It can help those suffering from:

Parkinson’s disease

Rheumatoid or osteoarthritis

Sports injuries

Muscle sprains and strains

Repetitive motion injuries

Cryotherapy is a pain-free alternative to medicine that only takes three minutes. Whether you’re looking for athletic recovery, weight-loss support or a metabolism boost, we have a solution for you. Visit East Texas Cryo Health Spa to try a cryotherapy or compression therapy session in Nacogdoches, TX today.

Your health and happiness are our top priorities. If you need fast recovery from your last CrossFit competition or you want to find an alternative therapy for your arthritis pain, stop by East Texas Cryo Health Spa today.

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